Project Details

Project History

The Gatton College’s existing four-story facility was built in 1963 with a three-story classroom building added in 1991. The facility has been well-maintained, but, as with most facilities of its age, some of the basic mechanical and electrical components have reached the end of their useful lives and none of the current classrooms support modern technology.

The University of Kentucky has made the Gatton College facility a leading academic priority. Given the project authorization from the state and the strong financial support from our alumni and friends, the College is moving forward with a new facility that will allow increased enrollment, more community and student study spaces, enable implementation of modern teaching methods, and enhance the identity and competitiveness of the College among its peer institutions.

Planning Criteria

A new Gatton College facility will increase capacity for enrollment and teaching by the following:

  • Plan for 40% enrollment growth for the College;
  • Plan for at least 40% growth in faculty and staff to meet enrollment growth and improve student: faculty ratio;
  • Grow classroom capacity by at least 40% while increasing classroom utilization through more efficient scheduling and leveraging online learning technology;
  • Create more community and student study spaces to facilitate modern learning methods and collaboration;
  • Enhance identity and competitiveness of the Gatton College.

As we are moving forward with the plans for the new facility, the College has set building
criteria as follows:

  • Meets demands of all academic programs.
  • Meets future growth needs.
  • Retains prime location at corner of Limestone and Administration Drive.
  • Creates new 500 seat auditorium.
  • Creates state-of-the-art high-tech classrooms with at least 20 instructional spaces with larger seat counts.
  • Creates a new Executive Education and Conference Center to facilitate outreach and continuing education to the business, government, and non-profit communities.
  • Dedicated MBA center accommodates enrollment growth and joint Executive MBA with UofL.
  • LEED Silver/Gold Project.