Project Details

Building Sketches

Garden Plaza

The Gatton College of Business & Economics will remain at the front door of campus with its footprint expanding by 40 percent to 210,000 square feet. The new main entry, which will face the interior of the University campus, features a beautiful garden plaza. An ideal outdoor setting, the garden will be a gathering place for faculty, staff, and students to socialize and network while experiencing the beautiful Kentucky weather.


Upon entering the new main entrance to the Gatton College from the interior of the University campus, the central atrium is revealed. Considered the living room of the facility, the atrium will be a hub of activity for the College and University community. With study tables and leather seating, the atrium will be a gathering point for the community to dine, study, and work together. At the opposite end of the atrium, the new College cafe will be housed. The cafe will be a grab-and-go snack and lunch bar giving the campus another dining option. Additionally, the College’s Undergraduate Resource Center and Graham Office of Career Management will be adjacent to the atrium allowing easy access for students.

The Kincaid Auditorium

As part of the new facility, a 500-seat, state-of-the-art auditorium will be constructed. Designed for large classes, lectures, and special events, the auditorium will be a useful addition not only for the Gatton College, but for the University as a whole. With theater-style seating, the auditorium will be equipped with high-tech audio-visual capabilities to suit any number of College and University events.

Woodward Hall

From banquets to the Gatton College’s annual Alumni Hall of Fame event, the new special events hall will be another must-have addition to the expanded College facility. Designed for higher-end events, the hall can be arranged for lectures or dinners seating anywhere from 75-200 people. It will also have modern audio-visual components that can serve as a backdrop for these special events. Housed on the third floor of the new facility, the special events hall opens to an outdoor terrace that overlooks the University campus and Memorial Hall.


At the heart of any educational institution are the learning spaces for students. The new Gatton facility will house cutting-edge classrooms designed for optimal learning experiences. Within the new facility there will be: Ten 45-seat classrooms; Six 85-seat classrooms; Three 70-seat classrooms; One 65-seat classroom.

Breakout Room

In today’s business school environments, collaborative learning is emphasized and encouraged. To help facilitate this, the new Gatton facility will house more than 40 study rooms scattered throughout the building. In addition to these rooms, the College will also have a quiet study area and a large atrium for expanded study opportunities on the main floor. There are also lounge areas and conference rooms throughout the building for faculty, staff, administration, and graduate students to use for meetings and seminars.

Faculty Office

Faculty research provides the foundation for any business school education. Allowing faculty to have offices that encourage top-notch research is imperative. Housed on the perimeter of three floors are more than 100 faculty offices. Close-by are nearly 30 graduate student offices allowing for easy access for doctoral students to meet with their faculty advisors and mentors.

Behavioral Research Lab

The Behavioral Research Lab within the Gatton College will be a resource for faculty and students to conduct a broad range of market research. The space can be adjusted to meet the needs of the research being conducted in a controlled environment. The lab will contain a computer room equipped with numerous work stations each with its own privacy screens in addition to the retail area and behavioral viewing station.

Seale Finance Learning Center

In the Finance Learning Center, students will learn in a technologically advanced classroom which simulates a real trading environment with digital displays that will feed real-time financial and market information. Students will sit in small clusters throughout the room allowing for more collaboration and giving them an introduction to the environment and atmosphere they will be working in following graduation.

Dean's Suite

In keeping with the design of leading businesses, the Dean’s Suite is designed with an open floor plan allowing for greater collaboration between members of the Dean’s administrative staff. It will house a conference room, work stations for 12 staff members, and six enclosed offices. A reception area will greet visitors upon entering the suite.

Furst Executive Board Room

For conferences and the semi-annual Dean’s Advisory Council meetings, the Executive Board Room will be located across from the Dean’s Suite. Overlooking the atrium, the Executive Board Room will be a high-end conference room equipped with state-of-the-art conferencing equipment. A large board table centers the room for discussion.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor