I'm United

Paxton Roberts

Undergraduate Class of 2013

Technology: its sonic trajectory of growth and the resulting impact on business intrigues Paxton Roberts. “Sometimes it’s hard to estimate where it’s going and in what direction. Oftentimes, it throws a new loop in every few years, and that’s an important aspect to business analytics,” says the Gatton junior.

That’s why the expansion and renovation of Gatton’s facilities has special significance for Roberts, who is majoring in economics and analytics. The current building has a computer lab but lacks the technological space needed by Paxton and her classmates. “It’s important to integrate that in education,” she says.

Paxton, who is from La Grange, KY, chose UK because “it’s a large school, but Gatton has a smaller feel to it.” At the same time, Gatton also offers students enriching international learning opportunities, she says. Paxton is a participant in the Global Scholars program and spent last spring in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. She studied in the Economic Policy Program there.

She notes that the experience abroad helped her realize how important it is that students grasp the complexities of international economics. “Economics has many layers. At first glance, it’s very simple, but whenever you start applying critical thinking, you discover layers and variables in the problem. So it makes it really interesting, because so many factors go into one thing or one situation, and there are numerous possibilities,” Paxton describes.

Given that, the new design of the renovated facility – which incorporates cluster classrooms and spaces for more student collaboration – will enhance such learning experiences.

“I think it’s a nice benefit for the students; we’ll have better learning spaces and more variety in terms of classes. Sometimes we have limitations with classroom space. There will be more potential areas for students to have classes or meetings or just be together and come together,” she says.

She likes that the renovated facility will be designed so that students will be encouraged to stay after class and build on their relationships.

Paxton notes it’s important for students to feel connected. She’s noticed that within the Global Scholars program, students have classes with each other, which makes it easier to interact and learn. She likes that the renovated facility will be designed so that students will be encouraged to stay after class and build on their relationships.

“It will definitely foster more academic success or more camaraderie between different peers that aren’t necessarily very involved in Gatton now,” she says.

She would eventually like a doctorate in economics and possibly become a professor. It’s important to Paxton and other students for Gatton to stay competitive with other universitie, she says. She believes the expanded facility will play a big role in students’ future successes.

“It’s a wonderful plan,” she says.